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For those interested in participating in the
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Winifred Club is an organization of people passionate about the success of the
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Through the unique skills and insights that each of us have from our own
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The Community page, we have compiled information about the various
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Endowment page provides information about the Winifred Endowment, a trust
established for the benefit of the Winifred community, and an ideal charitable
contribution recipient from anyone wishing to help build the future of Winifred.

History page examines those that came before us in northern Fergus County
who put things in place for Winifred to be the community it is today.

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Currently, our
Missouri River Breaks page is light on written content, but heavy on
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Breaks from those who know it best.

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Welcome to Winifred, Montana

Winifred is an agricultural community in the middle of Montana, just a few miles south
of the Missouri River and the Missouri River Breaks. It is the home to a robust
community that places a premium on mutual respect, hard work, and the constant
appreciation and enjoyment of life, friends and family.
One can't spend much time in Winifred without developing an appreciation for the
land and the environment that makes the scenery and wildlife around Winifred so
compelling. This culture is deeply ingrained in the Winifred community in the
farming, ranching and hunting activities that touch every person who has ever been
a part of the Winifred community.
Montana PBS
produced this  
segment on the
Winifred Museum's
Tonka toy
collection for their
Backroads series.
The Tonka
collection is
believed to be
among the largest
of its kind in the
world, and is the
delight of children
of all ages.
Winifred Grocery centennial celebration concert on August 1st
starting at 8 pm. Visit
this link for more information!