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Norman Asbjornson:  Investing in the Future of Winifred

Winifred has benefited greatly from the generosity of one of its own.  Norman
Asbjornson grew up in Winifred before departing to join the army and serve in Korea.
He then attended
Montana State University in Bozeman before ultimately leaving
Montana to pursue his professional aspirations.

Asbjornson founded the vastly successful NASDAQ listed corporation (
AAON ) and
still serves as CEO.  Several years ago, he returned to Winifred with the goal of giving
back to the community that raised him.

Norman has been the driving force behind the ideas and the financing for many of
Winifred's recent improvements.  From these contributions, Winifred's infrastructure is
stronger, more attractive, and better structured to make the community of Winifred
more successful now and in the future.

Norman's giving and advocacy for Winifred is an inspiration for others to do what they
can do to give back to their hometown with the goal of seeing Winifred be the vibrant
and successful town it has been and that we all want to see it continue to be for
generations to come.

The Winifred Community Center ;

Improvements to the
Winifred Community Pool ;

The planting of hundreds of spruce trees all over Winifred;

Improvements to the Winifred Cemetery.

A large home sufficient to house the
Wichman Family ;

A scholarship fund for graduating seniors from
Winifred High School ;

The new hangar and storage unit facility at the
Winifred Airport ;

The construction of a
to house Mid-State Signs, a business being
relocated to Winifred;

Construction of heated and covered bleachers for the school football field;

The purchase and installation of new bleachers in the school gym;

The moving the Flax School into Winifred and its restoration;

and numerous other Winifred projects.
Winifred Community Center - Winifred, Montana