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Winifred Club

The organization that allows each of us to contribute our skills and passion to
help build a great future for Winifred.
As anyone who lives in Winifred, has recently visited Winifred, or has read this or
this knows, exciting things are going on Winifred.

To make sure that the incredible momentum created by Norman and so many others
is leveraged to its greatest benefit for the community of Winifred, we all need to be
proactive in applying each of our skills, insights, resources and passion to give us the
ability to collectively, as a community, make sure that Winifred continues to thrive for
generations to come.

The Winifred Club is a structure for all of us to network, communicate, brainstorm and
coordinate business ideas and projects that will create jobs and make the quality of
life in Winifred even better.

Our goal is to have EVERYONE who cares about Winifred to become a member of
this club. The more members we have, the more likely it is that we will see tangible

Winifred Club mission statement and outline

To join the Winifred Club, please email the following information to
[email protected] :

1.  Your name
2.  Mailing address
3.  Phone number
4.  Email address
5.  Any professional skills, topics of expertise, hobbies, passions, or anything else
that      you think may be helpful for other Winifred Club people to know about you.

This information will be available
only to other Winifred Club members, and it will be
used for other Winifred Club members to network and to contact you if someone
happens to be looking for some knowledge on a topic that you listed as one of your

There are no dues of any kind or any other obligations or costs. The only requirement
is a desire to see Winifred continue to thrive as one of the best places out there to
make a good living and to raise a family.