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Winifred Community Endowment
Winifred is Our Legacy

Winifred is more than a
spot on the map, more than
a collection of memories; it
is our legacy.  We become
this place and this place
becomes who we are.  And
in the end, this place is what
we leave behind.  This
place is our legacy.
The Community Endowment Fund

Recognizing the importance of sustaining and building the rural communities of Central
Montana, First National Bank of Lewistown in 1998 established nine community foundations
under the umbrella of the Central Montana Foundation:  Winifred, Denton, Stanford, Grass
Range, Winnett, Hobson, Roy, Judith Gap and Moore.

The Central Montana Foundation has enthusiastically supported the rural community
foundations, making an annual $3,000 contribution to each as well as holding and managing
the invested funds at no charge.

These foundations offer each community the opportunity to establish a lasting legacy for its
future residents.

Donations of stock, land, cash or other assets can be held in perpetuity providing lasting

In Winifred,as in each of the nine communities, a local advisory board manages the accounts
and decides what Winifred-area projects or needs are helped with its funds.
Your donation can become part of this permanent legacy.

How the Fund Works

The fund is built by donations from our community and others who care about Winifred.
Those monies are used to assist and benefit the community in ways specified by its advisory

Fund Administration

The Central Montana Foundation (CMF), a long established non-profit charitable
organization, acts as your community's fund administrator.  They keep records, manage the
money and supply auditing expertise to insure that the fund complies with all state and
federal guidelines.

Your community advisory board and the CMF work together to achieve the goals of your

It's Your Move

This is your chance to make your mark where it matters most right in your hometown.

This is your chance to help give your kids and grandkids a reason to stay.

These funds are designed to help smaller communities do things that would otherwise be
difficult.  They help pay for fire trucks, ambulances, public pools, libraries, parks and
scholarships -- the things that go to building a community.  They are the things that make
Winifred a great place in which to raise our families.

A Good and Right Thing

The Winifred Community Endowment Fund has a strong reason for being.  It helps people
and helps our community.  But perhaps the nicest thing about the fund is how it helps people
make their marks.

All our lives we struggle to leave something of lasting worth for future generations.  This fund
gives people the chance to do just that.  The Winifred Community Endowment Fund is
founded on a sense of shared mission, priorities and resources.  It is something that can
make a real difference for you and for our community of Winifred.

The Winifred Endowment

The Winifred Endowment Fund is a fund established within the Central Montana Foundation
(CMF) through initial donation deposits.  These deposits have been invested in a permanent
fund wherein the principal is not spent, only the interest income.  This income can then be
used to benefit the Winifred community.

The Winifred Endowment Fund is made up of the following five-member board: Keith Arntzen,
Shirley Benes, Twila Lunde, Bruce Udelhoven and John Wickens.  Further information can be
obtained by contacting the Winifred Endowment at P.O. Box 3, Winifred, MT 59489.  Or
contact Shirley Benes by email at
[email protected] .  To date, the Winifred Endowment
Fund has a fund balance of over $44,000.

Projects that have benefitted from donations from the Winifred Endowment Fund are the new
Winifred Community Center building, the Museum, the Library, the swimming pool, the
ambulance service, the fire department, the cemetery, the baseball program, and the city
horseshoe pits.  For instance, the swimming pool used its monies for paint repairs, the library
purchased a media tower and books, and the baseball program erected a new softball
As you can see this endowment fund is a great opportunity for the Winifred area and its
future generations.

Donations can be made payable to the "CMF-Winifred Endowment
Fund" and mailed to Winifred Endowment at P.O. Box 3, Winifred,
MT 59489.