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Winifred Community Center - Winifred, Montana
Winifred Community Center
The Winifred Community Center is an impressive facility that is one of the most many
gifts made to Winifred by
Norman Asbjornson .  The Winifred Community Center
community pride.

On the spot that was once occupied by an old warehouse whose better days had long
since passsed, the Winifred Community Center now serves as the center of city
government and city services.

The following resources are contained within the Winifred Community Center:

Valerie Thompson serves as the postmaster of the Winifred Post Office.
Winifred Post Office - Winifred, Montana

Winifred Museum

A collection of Winifred historical artifacts and exhibits as well as being the home to
the world's largest collection of Tonka toys.

Winifred Community Library

A library open to the public.

Winifred Fire Department

The home of the all-volunteer local fire department.

Winifred Ambulance

The home of the all-volunteer local ambulance and EMT crew.

Winifred Events Center

A wonderful space perfect for weddings, meetings, conferences, and virtually any
other gathering large or small.

Winifred Town Government Offices