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The Town and Community of Winifred

Winifred holds a special place in the hearts of people who live in Winifred and those
who come from this town.  Although It is impossible to truly capture the essence of a
community like this in a website, we will share some of places and organizations that
makes Winifred the special place that it is.
The census tells us that Winifred has 150 residents, although that only counts the
people that live within the city limits.  In towns like Winifred, this measure really doesn't
mean much, as most people in the community are involved in production agriculture
and live outside of town on the farms and ranches. That said, the Winifred community
rural area that contains some corners where a person can feel as though they were
the first person to ever set foot in that spot, and in many cases that just might be true.

Perhaps the most important institution on the community of Winifred, not unlike most
small Montana towns, is the Winifred school system.
Winifred Elementary and High
School is a focal point of the attention of the community during any football, basketball
or volleyball game and it is the destination for most of the town for every school play or
Christmas program.  The schools are also the primary source of youth activities that
ultimately involve most people in the community in one role or another.
The high school enrollment (grades 9 to 12) varies year to year, but tends to be in the
Outside of the immediate scope of the school system, young people in Winifred are
involved in youth baseball, rodeo, 4-H, and many other activities.  And in those hot
summer days, kids and adults alike spent quality time at the
Winifred Swimming Pool .

Virtually every family in Winifred owes its livelihood to agriculture either directly or
indirectly.  Winifred was founded as a homesteader town, and in many ways that hasn't
changed.  Cattle, wheat and barley are the primary industries of the farms and ranches
surrounding Winifred.

People in Winifred tend to work hard and devote themselves to their families and their
community in an extraordinary manner.  And at the end of the day, people like to get
together to enjoy life.  It's a friendly town full of people who care deeply about their own,
but are always looking forward to meeting new friends.

Winifred is also a community that enjoys the lighter side of life, as one learns by
"The Mayor" of Winifred.